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Academy Award Nomination for Best Feature Documentary (1980). The life and work of Pulitizer Prize-winning novelist-poet-journalist-screenwriter-film critic James Agee are examined in this highly acclaimed film biography.

APPALACHIA: A History of Mountains and People

The first film series ever to chronicle the riveting history of one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth and the diverse peoples who have inhabited them. This four-part series weaves the insights of both the sciences and the humanities into a spellbinding portrait of one of the great ecological treasures of the world.


Father and Son: Three Films about Growing Up

A delightful portrait of Nick Spears at age 27 months, Toddlin' has proven equally popular with child-loving adults and with other toddlers. Nick's adventures continue in Train Boys. Three-year-old train-lover Nick takes a trip with his father to Washington's historic Union Station. In the third film of the trilogy, The Three Spears, we meet Nick's grandfather. Nick's father is now the son, and we see the changes of old age interwoven with the maturation of young Nick.


Long Shadows

This feature film explores the legacy of the American Civil War - the ways in which that cataclysmic event is still felt in American society. It is a film about the nature of History in our national and personal lives - the past as prologue.


Tell About the South: Voices in Black & White

This critically acclaimed three-part series explores Southern Literature from World War I through the Civil Rights Movement to the present. The series tells the story of the great Southern writers, both black and white, in the context of the region's history and culture.


The Electric Valley

Emmy Nomination (1984). This feature film tells the history of the Tennessee Valley Authority - the TVA - as both political parable and human drama. The Electric Valley puts a human face on the nation's largest energy producer and one of the remarkable institutions of our time. A journal of the American political soul.


To Render A Life

Best Documentary of the Year Nominee, International Documentary Association, (1992). To Render a Life is a detailed and dramatic portrait of a contemporary poor, rural family as seen through the eyes of James Agee and Walker Evans' literary classic Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. The film also reflects on the documentary process with comments by acclaimed social documentarians such as Fred Wiseman and Robert Coles.


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