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Long Shadows
The Legacy of the American Civil War

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Special Screenings: Museum of Modern Art, Kennedy Center, PBS, Festival of American Film, Smithsonian Institute, Chicago Historical Society, Southern Circuit, High Museum, American Historical Association

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"A brilliant film!"
-- Chicago Historical Society

"This is a truly beautiful, thought-provoking film . . . expertly edited. It makes an unmistakable statement about the futility of war and violence as a solution to political problems. Highly recommended."
-- Choice Magazine

"Long Shadows is a valiant, even epic effort to deal honestly with bitter, intractable material. The interviews alone are worth the price of admission. A profound vision of the war's meaning for America's regions, races, and national identity."
-- Cineaste

"LONG SHADOWS is a visual and aural treat--an historical tapestry that is gracefully, eloquently, and subtly done."
-- Film and History

The American Civil War was the most cataclysmic event in American history--600,000 deaths, ruined cities, scorched countryside, and social revolution. It is the great and central event of our history, having captured popular and scholarly interest like no other event in our past.

Historians call the Civil War our first "modern war." It ushered in the tools of death and destruction that have been developed so masterfully in modern times; and thanks to General Sherman, it began the ominous strategy of "War on the Civilian," a concept fully developed in Hiroshima and Vietnam.

The Civil War is at the center of our national psyche. Each year more than 100 new Civil War books are published. Tens of thousands of people devote their spare time to its study--collecting memorabilia, re-enacting battles, touring historic sites, discussing causes. Gettysburg Battlefield alone attracts 2 million visitors a year.

LONG SHADOWS explores the ways in which the echoes of the Civil War can still be felt in American society: from politics to economics, from civil rights to foreign policy, from individual to collective memory, from South to North to West. It is a film about the nature of History in our national and personal lives--the past as prologue.

LONG SHADOWS features Robert Penn Warren, Studs Terkel, Jimmy Carter, Robert Coles, Tom Wicker, Albert Murray, John Hope Franklin, Virginius Dabney, and C. Vann Woodward, as well as weekend soldiers, blues singers, battlefield guides, relic collectors, West Pointers, Vietnam veterans, old movie stars, and Civil Rights activists.

Long Shadows is now available via streaming and download, as well as on DVD. View the trailer below, and click on Watch Film to rent or download the film.


Click here to order a DVD of Long Shadows.

This film is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, dedicated to expanding American understanding of history and culture. Additional funding provided by the Humanities Councils of Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Texas.

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