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Tell About The South

To Render A Life

Long Shadows

Electric Valley


An Afternoon With Father Flye

Tell About The South - Part One

Producer/Director/Writer: Ross Spears
Dramatic Directors: Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein & Ross Spears
Cinematographers: Neil Means, Peter Hawkins
Editors: Ross Spears, Neil Means
Co-Writer, Associate Producer: Silvia Kersusan
Associate Producer: Catherine Dee
Composer: Kenton Coe
Narrator: Rita Dove
Interviewees: Cleanth Brooks, Rita Dove, Shelby Foote, Reynolds Price, Willie Morris, William Styron, Joel Williamson, Eudora Welty, Alice Walker, Ernest Gaines, Margaret Walker, Pat Conroy, Wilma Dykeman, Mary Helen Washington, Thadious Davis, George Garrett

Consultants: Lewis B. Simpson, Michael Kreyling, Fred Hobson, Wilma Dykeman, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., William Ferris, Jude Cassidy, Louis Rubin, Jr., David Madden, Thadious M. Davis, Ladell Payne, Richard Couto, Albert Murray, Elizabeth Baer, Paul Gaston, Blyden Jackson

Production Assistance and Research: Jamie Ross, Mary Carlson, Shannon Worrell, David Minckler
Assistant Editors: Reid Oechslin, Alexandria Searls
Consulting Editor: Grahame Weinbren
Film Processing: Colorlab
Sound Recording: Virginia Arts Recording
Titles: Cynosure

H.L. Mencken: Bill Rough
John Crowe Ransom: Charles Wright
Allen Tate: Doug Schneider
Jean Toomer: Lenny Steinline
William Faulkner: Art Greene
Faulkner Characters: Barbara Edwards, Bill Williamson, Cynthia Burke, Crystal Oakley
Zora Neale Hurston: Vertamae Grosvenor
Thomas Wolfe: Earl McCarroll

Dramatic Sequences Crew
Production Design: John Story
Production Manager: Catherine Dee
Dorothy Smith, Mikel McGrew
Makeup: Joseph Hurt
Hair: Shirley Baker
Fight Coordinator: Colleen Kelly
Sound: Reid Oechslin
Stills: Alexandria Searls
Dolly Grip/Grip: Skelly Cummings
Carpentry: Brad Fisher
Craft Services/Catering: Ruth Turner
Production Assistants: Jamie Caffery, Mary Carlson, Tain Nix, Maria Mosely

Additional Asheville Crew
Asheville Liason: Deborah Austin
Costumes: Stan Poole
Props and Locations: John Pankow
Grip: Tom Cox
Craft Services/Catering: Barbara Fowler
Makeup & Hair: Drew Gardner, Mary Young

John Crowe Ransom: Dan O'Neil
Fugitive Poets: Jonathon Church, Ted Corcoran, Pat Tomarchio
Girl: Jessy Campbell
Mourners: Rob Jackson, Regina DeBerry
Costumes: Maurice Halfhide
Makeup: Heidi Stahle-Dailey

Rosa Coldfield: martha robinson
Quentin Compson: Jamie Caffery
Shreve McCannon: Jack Donohue
Thomas Sutpen: Steve Tharpe
Wrestler: Ishmail Conway
Fight Onlookers: Steven Bakalar, Avery Chenoweth, Burt Creasy, Mario Gonzales, Afolabi Ojumo, Michael Osteen, Scott Rubenstein, Steve West

Onlooker: Hank Lewis
Fern: Annette Jones
Family Members: Betty Simms, Keisha Simms, Colina Simms, Jessica Simms, Richard Henry

Janie: Denise Diggs
Teacake: Michael Bennett
Additional Dialogue & Lyrics: Scott Rubenstein

Eugene Gant: David "Waldo" Jaquith
Ben Gant: Andy Reed
W.O. Gant: James Laird
Eliza Gant: Joanne Pankow
Helen Gant: Gretchen Bates
Nurse: Ida Ginn
Daisy Gant: Deborah Austin
Boarders: Blaque Fowler, Norma Holt-Rugile, Susie Green, Kevin McKee, John Pankow, Ralph Redpath, Jerry Rogers, Peter Ross, Madeline Ross, Alfred Salley, Keith Yeatman, Marlene Smith Earp

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Arnettes, Paula Campbell, Alvin Chapman, James Dickey, Addison Ely, Paul Gitlin, Steve Hill, Robin Krietler, Alec Murdoch, Maisie Osteen, Kris Parker, Mark Charles Shuford, HELEN TATE, Trader Mike's Antiques, SHAWNA TERRY, THOMPSON FAMILY, University of Virginia Drama Department, Thomas Wolfe Memorial Foundation, Asheville Community Theatre, North Carolina Film Office

This film is made possible by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Additional funding provided by the Kentucky Humanities Council, North Carolina Humanities Council, Southern Humanities Media Fund, South Carolina Humanities Council, Tennessee Arts Commission, Tennessee Humanities Council, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, The Von Waveren Foundation.


Producer/Director/Writer/Editor: Ross Spears
Cinematography: Anthony Forma
James Agee's Voice: Earl McCarroll
Music: Kenton Coe
Associate Producer: Jude Cassidy
Production Assistants: Diane Jennings, John Jennings, Peter Rosenberg, Richard Blaine, Jackie Phipps
Additional Photography: Jay Goldman, Bill Olson, Jim Gillie, Bill van der Kloot

We wish to thank: St. Andrew's School, Houghton Mifflin, Co., Huntington Hartford, Sam Spiegel, Time-Life, Inc., Barbara Shulman, MERC, Epworth Ministry
New York in 1940s: WEEGEE
Agee Photos Courtesy of Helen Levitt, Florence Homolka, Walker Evans Estate, Paula Tyler, Mia Agee

This film is made possible by a grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission.

To Render A Life

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor: Ross Spears
Co-Producer/Writer/Sound: Silvia Kersusan
Composer: Kenton Coe
Additional Cinematography: Neil Means
Assistant Camera/Stills: John Danehy
Associate Editor: Grahame Weinbren
Sound Editor: Ellen McAfee
Agee Voice: Earl McCarroll
Consultants: Jude Cassidy, Robert Coles, William Stott, Richard Couto, Paul Gaston, Erik Wensburg

SPECIAL THANKS: Rob Vaughan, Robert Stewart, Colorlab, Elsie Broussard, Tad Cassidy, George Hornbein, Marianna Henson, Andrew Wyndham, Robin Maw, Greg Olszewsky, Mary Gaston, Sergio Visentin, Lorna Rasmussen, Virginia Samllwood, Robert Cheatham, Barbara Sirota, Noel Penraat, Dale Moore, R.H. Spears, Jr., Dorn Hetzel, MACAA, and the Board of the James Agee Film Project.

This film is made possible by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Additional funding provided by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Tennessee Humanities Council, Tennessee Arts Commission, and Alabama Humanities Foundation.

Long Shadows

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor: Ross Spears
Associate Producer/Co-Writer: Jamie Ross
Cinematography: Anthony Forma, Neil Means, Nancy Schreiber
Producer Manager: Jude Cassidy
Sound: John Jennings, David Minckler
Consultants: Paul Gaston, Erik Foner, Richard Couto, Daniel Aaron
Music: Kenton Coe
Editors: Neil Means, Ross Spears, Grahame Weinbren
Mixer: Reilly Steele
Negative: Reid Oechslin
Production Assistants: Allison Dollar, Gunther Juren, Silvia Kersusan, Dale Moore, Eliza Paley, PCI, Mary Alice Parsons
Color: Colorlab

This film is made possible by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Additional funding provided by the Tennessee Humanities Council, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Alabama Committee for the Humanities, Georgia Endowment for the Humanities, South Carolina Committee for the Humanities, Louisiana Committee for the Humanities, Maryland Humanities Council, North Carolina Committee for the Humanities, Kentucky Humanities Council, Arkansas Endowment for the Humanities, Texas Committee for the Humanities.

The Electric Valley

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor: Ross Spears
Principal Researcher/Writer: Richard Couto
Editor/Co-Writer: Melanie Maholick
Music: Kenton Coe
Cinematography: Anthony Forma
Narrator: Wilma Dykeman
Associate Producer: Jude Cassidy
Consultant: William Leuchtenberg
Sound: John Jennings
Assistant Editor: Frank Eastes
Music Advisor: Jack Tamul
Violin: Ken Sarch
Viola: Bettina Sarch, Ed Snodderly
"Paradise": John Prine

Special Thanks: Jane LeDain, David Minckler, Randy Sanders, Tom Christie, Terry Lewis, Dan Yearout, Emilie Slater, Jessie Mills, Erwin Hargrove, Diane Hendrix, John Roach, Took Couto, Mary and Ross Spears, Jr., Elsie and Lloyd Cooper, Cam Crockett, Lafe Solomon, Anne Newgarden

This film is made possible by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the American Film Institute.

An Afternoon With Father Flye

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor: Ross Spears

SPECIAL THANKS: Anthony Forma, Jude Cassidy, Harvey Simmonds, Kenton Coe, Donald Dietz, Neil Means, Shannon Worrell, Marnette Trotter, David Herwaldt, Erik Wensberg.

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